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With the cold weather upon us, warm drinks are being sought after. From coffee to tea, there is no doubt a wide variety in those alone. However, having a wide variety of warm beverages on hand may not be an option for all businesses. So how do you offer variety with few choices? Flavored syrups. They can be added to any type of drink and take up little space. With a flavored syrup, it becomes much easier to add a seasonal drink to your menu without having to invest in several types of tea or blends and roasts of coffee. These syrups can be utilized year round and have the potential to boost sales.

Here at Carbo-Mix we offer Eden Gourmet Syrups. They come in a great variety and taste fantastic. With Eden Gourmet Syrups, it is easy to create unique drinks that reflect the season or even a concept.

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Following are some great recipes using Eden Gourmet Syrups to help get you started.

Nutty Vanilla Coffee

2 Pumps Eden Gourmet Mocha Syrup

1 Pump Eden Gourmet Hazelnut Syrup

1 Pump Eden Gourmet Vanilla Syrup

Up to 12 fl oz coffee or espresso based drink

Add syrups to coffee or espresso based drink, stir then enjoy!

Blueberry Lemonade

0.75 fl oz Eden Gourmet Blueberry Syrup

7 fl oz Premium Lemonade

2 Cups Ice

Mix, pour over ice, and serve. Garnish with blueberries or lemon slice.

Raspberry Tea

1oz Eden Gourmet Raspberry Syrup

4oz Hot Tea

Simply add one oz of Eden Gourmet Raspberry Syrup and enjoy.

Peachy Margarita

Mixing glass, Iced

10 oz cocktail glass, chilled

1 ½ oz tequila

¾ oz Eden Gourmet Peach Syrup

¾ oz orange juice

1 ½ oz fresh lime juice

Rim half of the chilled cocktail glass with kosher salt. Pour all ingredients into the iced mixing glass. Shake ingredients vigorously and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge

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